Matcha, an ancient Japanese green tea, has become widespread due to its countless health benefits, antioxidant properties, and similar-to-coffee caffeine content. Before you run to the store and stock up on this vibrant green powder, however, you must know how to care for it.

Matcha is delicate, like a newborn baby. You simply cannot leave an open jar of matcha powder on your kitchen counter – when exposed to elements such as heat and air, matcha will lose its flavor, freshness, and antioxidants within days.

Read on to learn how to store matcha in the proper way to ensure that you get the most out of this ancient elixir.

How long does matcha keep once it’s been opened?

Whether you opened a tin or a pouch of matcha, store it in the fridge for up to three months for optimum freshness. However, if stored properly, I don’t believe matcha gets bad in the sense that you’ll be sick if you consume it. You can still use your matcha someway, but it may not be as tasteful as before.

What is the shelf life of matcha?

When matcha has just been ground, it usually is good for about 1-2 years.