What is the right way to stir matcha?

Traditionally, whisking matcha with a bamboo whisk (also known as a chasen) in a bowl (also known as a chawan) can be the “right” way. However, you can enjoy matcha the way you like it and are comfortable with it. If you’re interested in preparing it traditionally, 

When making matcha, how much is the right amount to use?

It depends on your own taste preferences, but a common ratio is 2 bamboo scoops (or 1 teaspoon) for 2-3 ounces of water, and then add more water to your desired level.

How do you decide on which matcha to buy when shopping online?

Purchasing matcha online as opposed to in-store can be a bit trickier. I usually look for at least 6 things when I am searching for matcha online. 

Can you heat up matcha?

To make matcha, you should use 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit water. Boiling water will burn the powder and result in a very bitter taste. It is not recommended that you heat your matcha after it is made.

What is the best way to introduce someone to matcha?

The best way is to match matcha to that person’s previous beverage habit. If they are pure tea or black coffee drinker, introduce matcha in a ceremonial way, whisked in a matcha bowl. If they are a coffee latte drinker, matcha latte is a very easy way for them to enjoy matcha. If they drink herbal tisane or water, use only a small bamboo scoop or ½ tsp of matcha powder to make it very light.