CNDY Matha

We are a leading supplier of matcha products and matcha raw materials in China. Our customers include many internationally renowned food companies. We can not only supply matcha products directly but also provide OEM services.

We also offer a wide variety of packaging services to fully meet the requirements of various customers.

CNDY Matcha has dozens of high-end matcha machines, and the grinding workshop is equipped with chillers, which can control the temperature below 10 degrees during production to avoid yellowing of matcha color caused by high temperature, and the annual output of matcha reaches hundreds of tons.
We are familiar with the domestic and foreign markets of matcha, and we are experienced in exporting to Europe and the United States all year round.
Matcha Village – originated from Hangzhou, with factories in many provinces, focusing on supplying Chinese matcha, as well as supplying matcha raw materials to peers.